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18 de julio, 2019 por Sadeco


SADECO opens its first Canine Recreation Area (ZEC) in Cordoba which includes various areas for dogs of all sizes.
Further canine recreation areas will be opened in the city in future.
David Dorado, president of SADECO, introduced today to the media a new Canine Recreation Area (ZEC, from the Spanish Zona de Esparcimiento Canino) [the third in the city and the only one that includes two separate areas; one 670 square metre space for small dogs and another 725 square metre space for big dogs].
These are located in the intersection of Isla del Hierro and Isla madeira streets and Fuerteventura avenue, 350 metres from Jardines de la Paz. This location was selected by the residents who had requested a ZEC.
David Dorado mentioned that in the area where this service has opened there are more than 8,000 dogs registered and therefore this ZEC was more than welcomed. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that this space for dogs also includes other types of “facilities” such as a play area, a washing area and a watering trough, among others.
SADECO’s President highlighted that the above mentioned “is a very useful tool not only for the socialization of animals but also for the socializing of those owners who had requested it”.
David Dorado also emphasized the fact that the area “not only benefits dogs and their owners, but also those users that do not have a dog because now, in a sense, there will be more available green areas for residents, as pets and animals will have their own ZEC areas.
SADECO’S roadmap aims at implementing these types of equipment and facilities in further areas of the city, especially in neighbourhoods where there are more registered pets, since they provide a very useful and needed service”.

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